World Dream Day: celebrated on September 25 every year. To “celebrate” it is anyone who believes in their dreams and struggles daily to make them come true. LERÊVERIES cannot fail to mention who feeds our mission: the modern dreamers

The dream in art

Modern oneirism has countless representations in all artistic forms: from cinema to literature, to art. Precisely this last form is probably the most evocative of the dream matter. Among the painters who tried to cross the threshold of the dream, Salvador Dalì stands out. His works are universally recognized as the greatest modern expression of dream painting. His “soft” and tapered watches, exotic animals with abstract shapes (the elephant with tall and thin legs), now belong to the collective universal.

The dream in literature

The world of literature, like that of art, has always hosted the dream level among its pages. Starting from the “horrific” figures of Lovecraft, up to the poetics of “The Dream” by Giacomo Leopardi. Probably, the writer who most impressed his vision in modern times is Franz Kafka. In “La metamororfosi”, in fact, the protagonist Gregor Samsa wakes up in the morning completely transformed into a big insect. The story of Samsa (oscillating between the dreamlike and the real) has remained so “engraved” in the minds of readers that the adjective “Kafkaesque” has now become commonplace.

The dream in cinema

By its very nature, the seventh art offers a high level of immersion. Precisely for this reason, the dream takes on a new dimensional level. Among the Italian directors we certainly remember Federico Fellini. In “Otto e 1/2” the protagonist Guido Anselmi, masterfully played by Marcello Mastroianni, lives the Rome of the economic boom alternating real life scenes with dreamlike episodes. In recent times, however, director Christopher Nolan in his “Inception” analyzes the dream in a way never seen before. Leonardo Di Caprio plays the role of dr. Cobb, a dream maker. Following its events, the viewer crosses different dream levels, penetrating each of its layers.

Being Modern Dreamers

LERÊVERIES dedicates World Dream Day to all its modern dreamers. It doesn’t matter which artistic expression you are most related to. The important thing is to continue to believe in your dreams, so that they can come true by creating a better world, always traveling between dreams and reality.