World Animal Day that’s to believe in the dream of not seeing any creature suffer anymore.

The tortures nobody talks about

Despite the fact that the World Animal Day has been established, this dramatic issue is not treated as it should be in the media.
If we had to give some examples, just think that cats and dogs are killed and tortured every year.
The Italian Association for the Defense of Animals and the Environment (Aidaa) states that over 15,000 animals are killed every year. If we were to do a daily report, in fact, there are almost 142 animals per day.

The violence that passes on social networks

The dramatic case becomes even more serious when one thinks of the boomerang of communication. Very often, unfortunately, acts of violence run on major social networks. Torture videos and photos are released in private groups, both on Facebook and Telegram. Although very often they are fortunately blocked, this phenomenon knows no moments of failure.
Precisely for this reason, it is essential that the media talk about it. Keeping the topic always on is the first step to urge public opinion to be indignant.

The law against the mistreatment of animals

Fortunately, our legal system includes a law against animal violence. Specifically, there is the law of the Criminal Code No. 189 of 20 July 2004 called “Provisions concerning the prohibition of mistreatment of animals, as well as the use of the same in clandestine fights or unauthorized competitions”.
Thanks to it, since 2004, perpetuated violence against domestic and non-domestic animals is prosecuted according to the law.
Despite everything, the road to a perfect social and legal system is still far from being accomplished.

The dream of non-violence

LERÊVERIES strongly believes that, by discussing this theme on the day of its anniversary, it is a way to focus attention. Our community, in fact, is sensitive to the protection of the planet. Safeguarding Nature and the beings that inhabit it is a way to testify to the courage to be Modern Dreamers.