Twin Towers and World Trade Center: these are the symbolic places of the previous twenty years. A twenty-year period that began with one of the most dramatic events in contemporary history.

September 11, 2001, 19 years later

In America it was 8:46, in Italy 14:46. Yet, at the same instant, an American Airlines 11 flight crashes into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. One of the tallest buildings ever designed and built, it collapses killing people.
Just a few minutes later, CNN begins broadcasting dramatic images of broken lives and dreams live. Wrapped in a cloud of black smoke, the floors of the building are seen slowly collapsing on themselves.
Exactly after 17 minutes, a second plane is filmed live. United Airlines 175 aircraft crashes into the South Tower.
As if that weren’t enough, two more planes crash into a wing of the Pentagon and another in rural Pennsylvania. In this way, one of the black pages of our time opens

World Trade Center shot in the heart

Those who have been able to look at the dramatic images of 9/11 remember not only the smoke but also the civilians who threw themselves from the towers in panic. The island of Manhattan is transformed into an apocalyptic scenario. Firefighters are intent on putting out fire, smoke and flames, while more than 17,000 victims are estimated.
Today, what was once the World Trade Center is a memorial site. There are two large fountains: the Nourth Pole and the South Pole, to remember the position of the two towers, and where the names of the victims are written. Nearby, there is the 9/11 Memorial museum which commemorates the tragic event.

The attack that destroyed the dream

After that date, the world has never been the same. Not only from an economic point of view, but above all from a human point of view. The biggest backlash, in fact, was in the war on terrorism and in the introduction of new and strict safety rules in boarding at airports. Since the Second World War, the world had not had tragic events of this magnitude.
Today, the World Trade Center is referred to as “Ground Zero” without the Twin Towers. It reminds us, as citizens and modern day dreamers, of how much humanity can generate tragic events that raze humanity to the ground.