National Read a book day is more of a challenge than a celebration. Can you read a book in one day? Let’s find out together the origin of this cultural initiative.

History of the international “Read a book day”

As the name of the initiative suggests, National Read a book day was born in America. Unlike the “World book day“, scheduled for April 23 each year, this initiative is celebrated every September 6. The goal is not only to celebrate literature, but above all to find the time to read a book in one day.
Although it is difficult to succeed in just 24 hours, the main purpose is also to reopen the pages of your favorite book, rediscover the phrases that struck us most, perhaps trying again the same emotions of the first reading.

How many books do you read in a year?

According to the statistics of recent years, 47% of the world population can read at least between one and five books a year. Instead, only 9 percent read more than twenty texts. Unfortunately, a fair percentage (17%) can’t even read a book. The latter is a worrying fact especially if we think that in 2020 there are different ways of approaching reading. Just think of e-books. Despite everything, reading remains an “exercise” for a few people.

Share the reading on social media

One of the most interesting aspects of the initiative is to be able to share your impressions of your readings online. Thanks to the use of the hashtag #readabookday, in fact, it is possible to publish targeted posts for the event on 6 September. In particular, Instagram has become over time the most suitable social network for posting photos of the pages read or text images with the favorite quotes of a particular text.
The “social” area is by no means an aspect to be neglected, especially in a historical moment in which the web has united and brought people together.

Reading, the “weapon” of every Modern Dreamer

At the basis of being a Modern Dreamer there is above all literature. Together with art, music, all other artistic expressions, reading is certainly one of the “weapons” of the Modern Dreamer. In fact, every Modern Dreamer can choose his own genre, browse the pages of his favorite books and immerse himself in them. In this way, he can feed his soul, connected with the world around him.