“Into the wild” loses its symbol. The bus of the dreamer Christopher McCandless was “taken away” by the Alaskan authorities, for security reasons.

The wild lands, from film to dream

Into the wild“, the famous biopic film about the life of Christopher McCandless, certainly needs no introduction. Entered the collective imagination thanks to an evocative soundtrack, since 2007 the feature film by Sean Penn has made the place where the protagonist spent the last days of his life known to the public: the “Magic bus” 142.
Out of the pages of Jon Krakauer’s book, the bus has become extremely symbolic over time, so much so that it has become an obligatory “destination” for tourists.

The bus flies away from the extreme lands

Security reasons“. This is the explanation that the Alaskan authorities gave about the decision to remove the bus from the iconic location where it was located.
By now decayed and rusty, the Fairbanks Transit System number 142 had become dangerous. Over the past few years, hundreds of tourists have ventured into those lands and put their lives at risk and very often forcing local authorities to rescue them.
The Alaska Department of Natural Resources used a helicopter to transport it away, leaving little trace of what remains of McCandless’ dream.

Christopher McCandless, modern dreamer

McCandless could be defined as a real dreamer. Escaped from Virginia in the early 1990s, he rejected the capitalist way of life. For this, he began a long journey that led him to the extreme lands of Alaska. He died of hunger in 1992 at the age of 24 within his space of freedom: the 142 bus.
Escaping from his native home, the modern dreamer Christopher has crossed the world living on what nature could offer him. No heritage, no real estate. In that “Magic bus”, Christopher McCandless closed his dream of living away from the world: only him and the uncontaminated nature.