International Tiger Day? Let it be every day, not only on July 29th. From 2013 to today, the tiger population has increased by 19 percent. Yet it is now an endangered species. Poaching and fur market threatens its existence.

Why a world day for the tiger?

On 29 July, WWF stated that there are only 3,890 tigers left in the world. Poaching practices, combined with the fur market, over time have more than halved these noble specimens.
For this reason, the WWF has decided to announce a day in which the media attention is focused on such a sensitive issue: the International Tiger day. In addition to delicate issues such as the climatic emergency and deforestation, it’s important to pay attention to the potential disappearance of the most regal feline on the planet.

The decline of the queen of the forest

Not just poaching. In the recent report “The way of the Tiger“, the WWF indicates how much the body of the animal is used also and above all by the Chinese population for rudimentary “medical practices”. Organs, bones and teeth are cruel trading goods for the production of medicinal products.
Obviously, WWF has not remained impassive. The “Tx2 Project” devised by the same world organization, in fact, has an important objective: to double the number of tigers by 2022. For an optimal ecosystem, the “quota” of specimens should reach 6 thousand tigers worldwide.

Siberian tiger or sumatra tiger? One “queen”

Regardless of the breed, that of the tiger is a species to be safeguarded regardless. As a community of modern dreamers, LERÊVERIES embraces the idea of ​​an eco-sustainable world that safeguards the ecosystem that constitutes it. This idea is not only a dream but it is reality. All our products are an expression of a production aimed at environmental sustainability. The use of organic cotton, for example, is a first step to demonstrate how it is possible in 2020 to be witnesses of a feasible dream: a better world. A world in which there must be room not only for tigers, but for all species so that we can finally live in harmony.