Greenpeace day celebration: on September 15th we celebrate the foundation of the most famous environmental association on the planet. Let’s briefly retrace its history, made up of a dream: to save the world by protecting the environment.

Vancouver, Alaska and nuclear tests

It was September 15, 1971. A group of 17 activists protest in Vancouver against offshore nuclear tests in Alaska. On that day “Greenpeace” was born. Starting from an organization of campaigns with an ecological theme, the well-known association has achieved great results over the years. The term “eco-crimes”, in fact, was coined by Greenpeace which over time managed to be recognized. Always at the forefront of raising awareness among citizens on environmental issues around the world, the association has tried every day to bear witness to its mission.

Ecological revolution

Starting from the nuclear issue, Greenpeace has continued its struggle to recognize the Earth as the planet to be protected from human environmental disasters. In fact, one of his best-known campaigns is the one on the retreat of ice in the Arctic up to the protection of the oceans and rainforests. Despite its simple origins, Greenpeace can count on 2.9 million activists around the world. Thanks to such a widespread distribution, the association has an activity that never stops.

Be witnesses of the change

The most recognizable way of doing Greenpeace is petitions. In this way, activists publicly testify to their struggles and the very identity of the association. In this way, it is possible to ensure greater awareness of citizens who can also join daily ecological initiatives. For example, turning off unnecessary lights at home, or following the right directions for separate waste collection. Precisely for this reason, Greenpeace day celebration reminds us how essential and important it is to adopt an “eco” behavior in everyday life. The dream of changing the world belongs to all citizens of the planet. The important thing is to believe that each of us can really make a difference in the society in which we live. To quote Martin Luther King’s emblematic phrase “I have a dream”: that one day every valley will be exalted.