New Aesthetic for Modern Dreamers
Fashion meets Psychoanalysis
Est. 2019

LERÊVERIES - Streetwear Luxury Brand for Modern Dreamers

New Aesthetic for Modern Dreamers
Fashion meets Psychoanalysis
Est. 2019

We Want to Inspire the Modern Dreamer

Founder & CD

Donatello Giannino

Psychoanalyst. He lives in Rome, but was born and raised in Margherita di Savoia (Apulia), land of salt, land of sea and fine sand, land of origins, inexorable source of inspiration. Inspiration that comes from nostalgia, which is a feeling and an engine of creation.

His research field is the relationship between psychoanalysis and aesthetics, understood as an experience of senses and emotions.
In addition to art and cinema, in 2017 he started the dialogue between psychoanalysis and fashion, thus establishing LERÊVERIES.

The name recalls the psychoanalytic concept of rêverie (daydream) which underlines how in our mind there is, in addition to dreaming at night, a waking dream thought, a dream which indicates in psychoanalysis the possibility of representing what we are experiencing, our emotions and our feelings.
We live in a world which travels at very high speed, in which it is hard to stop, to observe, to admire, to dream.

Starting from this, Donatello wants to enclose under the same moon a generation of Modern Dreamers, nostalgic visionaries who try to go beyond the surface, beyond the obvious, without pre-defined patterns and boundaries, to stop and listen beyond the din and noise, letting oneself be inspired by a new aesthetic, which reaches the soul, the heart, the mind. The aesthetics of emotions.

Psychoanalysis thus becomes the lens with which approaching the world, culture, art, fashion, life, through a return to the senses, emotions and oneself.


LERÊVERIES is a slow fashion brand. We don’t adhere to the traditional seasonality of the Fashion Industry, this for avoiding overproduction and excessive waste.

Our proposals recall the soft and free forms of a thought which overcomes conventions and preconceptual barriers, genderless, far from any form of label, and capable of making people able to feel free and to express themselves.

We have also decided to be very careful in selecting our products, from the origin of the fabrics to the creation of the garments, communicating a new vision of Made in Italy.

We turn exclusively to companies in the Apulian area because we believe that the professionalism of our artisans is an added and essential value for a high quality garment.

Our Products - Sustainable Fashion


Comfort, Gender Fluid, Innovazione e Sostenibilità, Vestibilità, Appartnenza.

LERÊVERIES - LifeStyle Brand for Modern Dreamers